Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 124 ~ Bird Watching

Again out the kitchen window and taken from "the white chair". I spied a male cardinal just hanging out on the vines. Never could get a picture of him and the female sharing seed on out the other kitchen window.

Day 123 ~ Awesome french toast

French toast might not be a typical comfort food but when its made with love, by your grandfather, using grandma's homemad bread who can say no? YUM!

Day 122 ~ On the swing

Many say that I am the "little" version of my grandmother. I'm not sure I hold up to the standard she sets but I do love her, spending time with her, and making her smile. This swing is a common spot for pictures at any family gathering. Today it was just us two and a camera with a remote setting. :)

Day 121 ~ Mowing

This is a favorite spot in my grandmothers kitchen. Its the view out the window from "the white chair". Most sit here and watch the birds but today you can see my grandpa on his tracker. Mowing the lawn. For him its a completely different chore than it is at our house.