Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 56 ~ One of my husbands other vehicles

I know that most people don't find it common to have their husband come home in a fire truck but I have been used to seeing my husband in a Fire Truck since we met back in Sept of 1990. He used to be the sole paid person for a county fire department and by driving the brush truck home he was also the primary responder afterhours as well.
Fast forward 18 or so years and tonight my husband surprised us with his short stop home to shower after a big fire which left this fire truck outside of our home (which is within the response area of his part time job) while he grabbed a quick shower. I don't know anything other than having my husband picking up and leaving when tones go off for a major vehicle accident or some sort of fire...but I wouldn't have it any other way. Just after taking this picture the tones went off and he dashed out with belt & accessories in hand instead of on him...

Day 55 ~ Its the little things...

I have spent the entire day on the couch, mostly asleep. Sometime on Saturday something awful started to creep its way into my lungs and by Monday afternoon I was doomed. As I lay on my bed today watching afternoon fade to evening I was quietly enjoying the beautiful colors in the sky when I realized it probably deserved capturing. Sadly, the picture doesnt do it justice but I do find joy in the simple things like just how beautiful the sky can become. God is good and we must appreciate all the little details he takes the time to give to us.

Day 54 ~ Mani/Pedi

I never ever get manicures. I do indulge on pedicures because lets face it, even the ugliest of feet look better with a good pedicure. The best part about this mani/pedi was that it was a gift! My mother had offered to take me out for the day this past Saturday (little did I know she was keeping me out so Hubby could set up for my surprise party) but man, I must have been a really good girl because mom paid for my manicure, pedicure, a pair of earrings and a very nice, soft leather (more than I would have paid for) purse. I just love to look at my hands and feet now. Funny how something so little can lift your spirits so much?

Day 53 ~ Ode to the Potato

One of my many resolutions this year is to try a new recipe each month this year and this one I found on the site of a fellow blogger who's site has proven very interesting although because of my journey to get to a healthy weight I have been unable to try very many of her recipes that tempt me the most. Take a look for yourself:

The picture above is of the Spicy Grilled Potatoes posted on Feb 14th. They were a big hit at my house. My husband ate the leftovers the very next day (not a man thats big on leftovers) and has already made mention that I should make them again. Who knew, something as simple as sliced red potatoes w/ cajun seasoning.

Day 52 ~ Surprise!

This is an awful picture...grainy etc but its from the video my daughter shot as I entered my home this past Saturday and was shocked to find a large group of family & friends waiting to Surprise me with a birthday party. It was a wonderful surprise. I really enjoyed the evening and hope it is the first of many gatherings at our home.

If you look close you can see that my mouth has just begun to drop open. (I was on the phone with my grandmother out of state at the time...I spoke with her two days later and she wasnt sure what had happened and didnt hear my explanation of why I had to disconnect.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 51 ~ Spring is Blooming

These are not the first blooms I have seen. . . this is definitely a benefit to living in South Central Texas but these roses smelled wonderful and brought back many memories of the rose bushes at the house I grew up in and the rose perfume my neighbor and I used to make in her backyard.

Day 50 ~ Sushi

I left work early today not feeling good and so not wanting to make dinner. My son had recently tried a sushi sample at the local grocery store and had been pestering me ever since to have sushi for dinner. Tonight seemed ideal. He and I shared spicy sushi samplers and it was daughter wouldnt even look at it. :)

Day 49 ~ Clowning around

I've begun taking my son to see a psychologist. I feel he needs someone to talk to and sometimes wonder if I could have benefited from someone who long ago might have helped me with some things that I see him having tendancy toward. As we left his session on Wednesday he was clowning around outside the building.

Day 48 ~ Another Sleeping Baby

On the days of my monthly department meetings, which begin at 5pm, my mom has to come and watch my kids until I can get home. (Somehow my husband seems to always be on shift at one of the FDs) Tonight I got home to find my niece napping - yes, napping in the evening but that's another story. I just love the feel of a sleeping baby, that and I couldnt stand the thought of what an evening nap would do to her poor parents and her bedtime, so I didn't resist picking her up and loving on her. My daughter caught the moment.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 47 ~ Pretty Leprechan

As we browsed our local Target today we found this hat in the Valentines clearance area of all places and of course my daughter couldn't resist the urge to ham it up.

Day 46 ~ Baby Carter

Adriana has been waiting to meet Carter since he was born on Halloween. She finally got to meet him and hold him at his big brothers birthday party on Sunday. She was so happy - and so was he. Luckily I got a quick picture with my phone before someone snatched him up.

Day 44 ~ Friday the 13th

My hubby and I spent the day together and went and saw the new version of Friday the 13th. Too bad I didnt think to take a picture of the two of us with a poster of Jason! Later that night my son who had purchased many balloons for the sole purpose of making water balloons decided he wanted me to try to make them burst by throwing them at his chest. I had to do it before he would believe that it wouldnt work. What did work was throwing them in the air and head butting them! Too bad the camera wasn't quick enough to catch one burst on his head! Crazy little dude.

Day 45 ~ Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day my husband had to be on shift at the Fire Station and my daughter had spent the night with her grandmother so only my son had the benefit of my attempt at a Valentine's breakfast. I made pink heart shaped pancakes and failed at my attempt to fry two eggs into a heart shape. I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day but this year I decided I would make sure those that I loved knew that I did. Overall it was a good day.

Day 43 ~ Birthday "Drink"

On my birthday I received many gifts from coworkers and hands down the one that shocked and awed me the most was the floral margarita that the girls on shift got for me. I do love a good margarita and they know it so to have integrated something special to me into the bday gift was too sweet. It was unique to say the least. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 42 ~ I have created a monster

As I've stated in a couple of previous pictures my son has taken to riding the steer that are at the front of our neighborhood. This started when he had had a bad day and so today he tried to convince me on the ride home from his after school care that he had had a bad day and was mad...that he would have to stop and ride the bull....stinker. You can see that he doesn't make a very convincing case..

Day 41 ~ Long awaited Baby Girl

Tuesday night I finally got to meet the newest member of my cousins family. Baby Torrin. My cousin and his wife have always dreamed of having a little girl and after four boys and one little angel girl they were finally blessed with Torrin in early December. She is as sweet as can be. She let me just hold her as she smiled and coo-d. Too bad the flash from my phone kept causing her to close her eyes. I tried many times for picture with her eyes open but no luck.

Day 40 ~ Multi Tasking

Today I had the opportunity to catch a co-worker of sorts busy carrying on two conversations at once...something I have done countless times in my Communications center.

Day 39 ~ Yummy

Oh how my brother can cook. In this instance he simply made the wonderful asian inspired dipping sauce for some citrus marinaded chicken. It was yummy.

Day 38 ~ Cousins

My niece was at my daughters volleyball game on Saturday and she just loves her cousin "Nani"... so much so that we couldnt get her to understand that just because she was waiting to rotate into the game didnt mean she was available to play with or sit next to.

Day 37 ~ Too Small

My kids always find it fun when we see this car in our area. This is the first time we've been able to get a picture of it. As we past him coming away from the stop light we could see his groceries packed in behind the headrest of his seat. That would be too close for me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 36 ~ Fun Night

I really can't believe another fun filled night out was spent entirely without having taken even one picture! This time it was the birthday of a girlfriend and we gathered for the first time in a long time, spent a couple of hours together and with a camera in my purse I took not ONE picture! This time the food was less than good, the service was lacking but the company was Excellent!

Day 35 ~ Rodeo Time

I think I may have created a monster. :)

The first time I had stopped and let my son get on one of the steer in the front of our neighborhood it was part of a bargain to get him to be happy and put away his bad mood. It worked. On Wed of this week it worked again...something relatively small and trivial happened on the way home and so I asked, "Do I need to stop and let you ride the longhorns?" I could tell by the slight grin I had found the key... It is rodeo time here in our fair city and I'm not sure if that is what prompted his version of Urban Cowboy but it was fun.

Day 34 ~ Gunslinger

I'm not sure how many mailboxes I will end up with pictures of but this gunslinger is on the same road as the six shooters I've already posted pics of. It is a very long, winding road and they aren't near each other but they are both equally interesting.

Day 33 - Typical day at wk

Needless to say even at work we find ways to have fun in between the stressful, busy times. On this particular day some paper that was used as packaging in a box we recieved got shreded then used as a faux locks...

Day 32 ~ My Little Helper

On Sunday I decided it was time to make it easier for me to workout at home and brought hm several things to assist me with banishing excuses. One thing I bought was a stepper. No sooner did I show the box than D was ready to help put it together!

Day 31 - Date Night

I can't believe I didn't even take my camera with me on Sat 1/31 when my hubby and I went on a double date. I opted to use a pic found on the internet for the restaurant that we ate it. It was a good dinner, very good company, and a good movie after (we saw Taken). We definitely need to do that more often.