Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 31 ~ Taking it to the hoop

My son and husband were playing basketball and I was far away safe from the bitter cold but thanks to the pretty nifty zoom lens that came with my camera I was able to get some fairly nice shots of them playing. I'm not sure what about this one draws me but I just like it. It's probably the action of it.

Day 30 ~ Volleyball Girl

This, not that you can tell by a still photo, is my daughter about to make her fifth serve to help her team come back from behind and win the game!

Day 29 ~ Out comes the Sun

and along with it a rainbow! It was very pretty and eventually the two ends connected. We were even teased with the beginnings of a double rainbow but it never did form.

Day 28 ~ Fresh Baked Bread

I took this day off to spend with my hubby and when we returned home in the late afternoon I had a hankering to make bread. This was my first attempt at from scratch yeast rolls and all in all they were pretty good. Next time I'll add some salt to the flour and maybe let them rise just a tad longer.

Day 27 ~ More fog

The only thing nice to come out of the gloomy weather we've had with early morning fog, all day much and drizzle is some pretty cool perspectives on otherwise ordinary objects. Like this big beautiful oak tree.

Day 26 ~ Red Balloon

Odd week at work I guess, as I sat at my desk (my office is on 2nd flr) suddenly a red ballon flew by my window. By the time I could grab the camera it was much farther away but it can still be seen here despite the gloomy weather we've had this week. Ever wonder what happens to balloons when they are released? Where do they go? Where do they end up?

Day 25 ~ All Alone

Today there was a large meeting at my work of local EMS agencies. When I looked out the window of my office I noticed this in the parking lot. We had lots of fun with various senarios of unknownig persons seeing a child left alone & locked in a vehicle, not breathing or what appeared to be choking...EMS people - what can I say? We have an odd sense of humor. (Did you notice he was seat belted?)