Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 85 ~ Giant Windmill

Yea, when you take the building out of the shot you kinda lose sight on just how large this windmill is but its well over 2 stories high and always reminds me of a giant flower. I snapped this shot as I drove by it on the highway.

Day 84 ~ Stress buster

My niece was the perfect stress reducer for me on this day when I had left my keys in my husbands car which he had driven to work an hr away! I spent the majority of the day driving to get my keys back and return the vehicle I borrowed, get my vehicle then make all the appts I had for that afternoon. I was with her for only a very short ride from her house to mine but she lifted my spirits. In this picture she's saying, "Brandon!" which is what her baby brothers name will be when he comes sometime in late May.

Day 83 ~ Side bangs

My daughter recently got her hair cut and bless her heart to her it was a HUGE deal (as it usually is with women and their hair) but truth be told it was not a largely noticable difference since it was long bangs and they also cut what used to be an angled bob into a straight/traditional bob. This was the first day she did her hair and wanted pics taken.

Day 82 ~ Decisions, Decisions

I have been wanting a new camera for awhile. I really don't want anything too fancy since I carry my camera almost always which means it gets put in my purse, and various other equipment, uniform bags. I had found myself torn between these two cameras with the main differences being the size and that the larger one has a 20x optical zoom vs. only 10x optical zoom on the other. After researching them both I realized neither has a view finder like on traditional cameras. This is important when you're outside taking sports shots and the sun keeps you from getting a good image on the viewer. Ugh. Am I back to square one in my search?

Day 81 ~ Where did the time go?

I went dress shopping with my daughter and .... oh my, where did the time go that this young lady staring back at me in the dressing room is actually the same little curly haired toddler that I was admiring just yesterday?! I only wish I'd had my "real" camera with me instead of a mobile shot.

Day 80 ~ Jewelry Class

Ok, so I didn't really make the class because I spent so much time looking at everything in the store but I did go with the intent of fixing two pairs of earrings & got one pair made new again. One of the earrings had broken where the part that goes in your ear fastens to the top of the earring so I got new "hardware" to set my stones. The pics show the old darker & dirty stuff vs the new silver earrings. I also bought some stones I'll eventually make a necklace with. I'll share those pics when I have a finished product.

Day 79 ~ Long Practices

My sons football practices are about 2 1/2hrs long. On this night I actually fell asleep for about 20min sometime during practice while my daughter picked flowers. She is the one who put them in the bottle and arranged them. I only wish the pic did her artwork justice.

Day 78 ~ Pizza night

Recently I had purchased canned pizza dough and my kids made that pizza one night at home with their father while mommy worked late. They raved about it and so on this night we did it again, one thin one regular crust and fixings according to what the thin crust boys wanted vs. regular crust girls. I hope to make this a regular thing and incorporate us making our own dough eventually. It was fun.

*the pics are of the "girls" pizza which had canadian bacon, turky pepperoni & half banana peppers.

Day 77 ~ Full Pads

My son had his first "full pads" hitting practice for Spring football. If you ask me he's not padded nearly enough. His first hit was a doozy and knocked him for a loop but he shook it off and got back in there. This is what he looked like hours after practice. I wish I could figure out what made that pretty stitch pattern on his arm...the pics just dont do the "baby" bruises justice. They were raised up.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 76 ~ St Patty's Day

Sadly, I have no fun pics from this day of green beer etc. But I have been intrigued in recent weeks at my sons use of my husbands old lava lamp. Kinda funny how old becomes new again. My son uses it as a night light of sorts and I find that I am the one who has to turn it off every morning.

Day 75 ~ Mon Morning Sunrise

I wish the picture did it justice but as I drove to work on Monday morning the sunrise was simply beautiful. I have seen more radiant and spectacular sunrise's but this one was beautiful in its simplicity.

Day 74 ~ Bluebonnets

I first saw these on the 7th but was unable to stop and take a picture of the first bluebonnets of the season. I have yet to find them in mass enough to get the annual picture of my children in them but they are always worth noting.

Day 73 ~ Yummm... Reese's

I really, really love Reese's peanut butter cups....Reese's Pieces....Reese's holiday eggs, trees etc and during a brief trip to the store to get stuff to grill for company coming to watch an NBA game I found a new product from Reese's. Sadly, I didn't purchase it so I don't know if I like it as much as some of the other know the ones with the most peanut butter. :)

Day 72 ~ Latest Project

My husband is forever working on something. Most recently he decided we needed a fire hydrant as a lawn ornament. He knew where one was that had been replaced but the previous one had been left behind so he painted it and I think it came out pretty nice.

Day 71 ~ Supersize

During our normal shopping trip my son came across a supersize family size of beans. I asked him to hold it up to his head to show just how large the can I snapped the picture he decided to change his expression. Classic.

Day 70 ~ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough What?!

I shop...a lot! Let me clarify...I look a lot. I don't necessarily buy. I love to look for new and different food items, especially healthy ones lately. This is not by far a healthy item but I just couldnt' resist at least capturing proof that someone actually makes Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter!! They also had a White Chocolate Raspberry flavor...who comes up with these flavors? If I wasn't on a journey to eat better and reduce my weight (see my other blog) I would have bought it just out of curiosity!

Day 69 ~ Lazy Day

This is not the first picture I've ever taken of my son hanging his head out the window as we drive. He must be part dog. This time he was more serene about it..just laid there and let the wind rush past him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 68 ~ Bunnies in the Backyard

Tonight the kids were playing in the backyard with two girls from our street when they came to tell me they saw a rabbit. Turns out it was a momma rabbit that had baby bunnies. I had initially wondered why it didnt run away when the kids crept closer. Now I know it was because she was protecting her babies. The pic above is of the baby.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 67 ~ Another season over

My daughter has really enjoyed volleyball. Too many YMCA seasons for me to count (they are short seasons and with very short breaks in between not like Spring and Fall baseball that are easier to track)

All but one of her "seasons" have been with the same coach. He is truly wonderful and I will eventually post a pic of him as well and say more about him but today she spent most of her end of season party with two of her teammates. This is the treo with their trophies.

Next season starts in 3 weeks! :)

Day 66 ~ Another practice

I love to watch my kids play sports. Not just in games but I'm one of those moms who, although I want to get to know the other parents and could probably use the adult interaction I would really rather sit off by myself and truly watch their practice. I pay close attention whether its baseball, volleyball and now football although I don't know anything about football - yet. I can offer support and bits of insight, suggestions for improvement or even just knowlegable sympathy with the other two sports football is new and at this point I just like watching my son out there enjoying himself. The passes on this day were all pretty far off...the only one that was a good pass that he snagged out of the air and ran with was done in the direction that allowed the other parents to block my shot of it. I'm sure there will be plenty of time to get more pictures. . .

Day 65 ~ Tempting ... but I'll just say NO Thanks

I am very very fond of desserts. I don't typically discriminate and like cake and brownies, cold and warm. I especially love brownies and as I was in line today at the grocery store I saw the most wonderful looking brownies on the cover of a magazine. I took a picture of them with my phone and began searching for the recipe to send to myself via email (gotta love the crack- uh, I mean blackberry!) As I reached the recipe and quickly scanned it before I began to type I saw a short list of ingredients that began with: one whole frozen pecan pie, thawed & crumbled

Huh!? Seriously!? OMG! No wonder they look so delicious and no I could never trust myself with a recipe that decedant. I now have only a this picture of the brownies and the drool in my mouth when I think how wonderful they would have been.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 64 ~ Date Night!

As a birthday celebration my hubby and I went with another couple of friends of ours to see Comedian/Vantrilequist Jeff Dunham. The show was hysterical and we had a really good time! We rarely get to go out without the kids anymore and to have been able to go out with another couple was an even bigger treat. All in all it was a very good night.

Day 63 ~ Sight for sore eyes

I work with emergency helicopters and up until about 18months ago I saw the helicopters on a daily basis. When we moved our admin and communications offices away from the hospital base I appreciated the new equipment, more space and close proximity of my office to my employees but I forgot how much I loved seeing the helicopters until I had to go back to the old offices today. As I walked across the catwalk that connects the helipad to the hospital just the old familiar sight of the helicopter sitting there on the pad made me smile.

Day 62 ~ Early Birthday Dinner

Tomorrow is my husbands birthday and unfortunately for him he is on shift at his full time job so I decided to make him a special birthday dinner. There are a few things that I make that he really goes ga-ga over but this is the easiest of any to make (one is a crockpot dish) so after a long day at work I made him Chicken Parmesean from scratch. The family obviously approved because even the extras that were meant for my lunch the next day disappeared before I could pack them away.

Day 61 ~ A lovely Sign/Scent of Spring!

As I returned to work today after being out sick four days the previous week I was delighted to see and smell the Mountain Laurels in bloom. It's pretty early in the year to see them which is only disappointing because that means they will be gone early too!

Day 60 ~ The 80s are BACK! (unfortunately)

I had heard that neons were back, day glow green, pink and the like but when I saw the silver and gold shiny tights in the store today I just couldn't believe it! Better yet my daughter was willing to try and them on and strike a pose. Gotta love it.

Day 59 ~ Old Fashions are back

My daughter already owned a pair of grey Chuck Taylors and today she wanted these! I had been looking at buying her some black ones online...I'm glad now I was too ill to actually get it done now cuz she really seems to love these. She has since bought a purse that is similarly colored!

Day 58 ~ More of the Longhorns...

Dalton has been known to climb up on the longhorn in the front of the neighborhood so much that this time Adriana wanted her turn. It took my help for her to finally make it ON to the thing but she seemed content for quite awhile to hang from his horns and mildly attempt to climb on him of her own steam!

Day 57 ~ Child Labor

Wow, didnt realize how long its been since I've posted. That doesn't mean I haven't been taking pictures. THAT would be unnatural for me! :0)

Just will take a bit to figure out which were taken when...

On this day our Son was solicited to massage daddy who had a sore back. Such a good son. We all ended up taking turns using the massager on each others back and more than anything else we just laughed and laughed!